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I am so serious when I say that if you love Star Trek, whether it’s the entire series, or even just the last film, you belong in the fandom. If anyone argues with this logic, they have missed the point of Star Trek altogether. Do not let people tell you what you get to love or how you have to show your love for it.

We want you here.


Clara Oswald in series eight episode four, “Listen



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This is Buster. He came to our doorstep about a month ago, hungry and scared. His tail was broken in a couple places and he had what looked like bite marks all over his back and butt. Despite all of this, once we got him into our back yard he was full of love and energy and has since been living here with us.

He’s not neutered, probably never had any shots, and we arent sure how old he is but he’s obviously still a puppy. We’re assuming he’s some kind of pit bull mix,and he is the most affectionate and loving little dog I’ve ever met. So far we have called five no kill shelters and they are either full, or they would have charged us $500 dollars to assure him a place there. We can’t even afford to feed him anymore, not to mention we have him against our landlord’s orders. Our place doesn’t allow dogs.

We’re getting really desperate here and we just want to find him a good loving family. If anybody lives near Fresno CA and would like to have this little guy, please message me. Time is running out before my landlord eventually finds out about him and then who knows what will happen.




*takes a deep breath* I will not let this fictional character ruin me

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